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There’s 3 basic things needed for surfing: waves, a wetsuit -depending on the weather, and a surfboard. Let’s leave waves for the tides to deal with, or Kelly Slater’s for some inland surfing. Regarding wetsuits, Patagonia’s Yulex alternative is right now an excellent solution for not wearing petroleum next to your skin. So for the matters of the parametric nature of this assignment, I decided to deal with boards.

So the question now would be are surfboards toxic?

For my final project for parametric product design (PPD) class, I’m planning on going to a place a few men have boldly gone before.

The definition of surfing by Timothy Leary (Illustration artist unknown)

Reflecting on the words of Timothy Leary, I can’t help but think of the contradiction of what his definition of the act of surfing means, and the reality of the object that enables the act itself.

Surfboards, at least the majority of them, are made of materials that derive from oil and are very unnatural in nature. Epoxy resins, fiberglass, and other highly toxic and inorganic materials are some of the components used to produce surfboards…

I tried different tutorials for creating 2D patterns, and I tried spending some time in not only recreating the forms and shapes but understanding how Grasshopper works in creating such intricate designs.

Once I had explored a couple of tutorials, I decided to merge 2 concepts together. From the first one, I extracted the grid-like concept in order to rotate, reflect, or do any kind of variant to the squares that comprise the grid in order to actually get a pattern. …

Set of glassware and an hour glass

For this week’s generator, I decided to build a set of coupe glasses, since they are my girlfriend’s favorite type of glasses. In order to so so, I divided the glasses in two parts. Both halves were built out of 3 polygons, one forming the shaft, while the other half produced the actual cup.

By now you all know my love for bicycles. So when challenged to create a generator on Rhino, I didn’t even hesitate. The final working generator on the YouTube video embedded at the end of the post only reflects the end product, and not the many awkward steps it took me to get there. At first I drew all the lines in Rhino and linked them to line components in Grasshopper. But then I figured I could just draw the lines beginning to end in Grasshopper. Noticing the line component was asking me to select starting and end points, I…

In recent years, the amount of photos taken per year exceed the trillion. More than 90% of these have been taken with a mobile phone, and surprise surprise most are selfies. It’s easy to create a selfie, it doesn’t matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing; if there’s enough light you are good to go. By now it’s almost involuntary; they don’t require much thought. But in essence, you take a selfie because there’s something about yourself that you want to capture. Wether that is the great hair day you are having, who you…


In a previous article, I talked about what parametric design is. As an example of this type of design, I mentioned a fashion designer having to make 24 iterations out of one jacket design (4 colors x 6 sizes).

Now, it’s easy to picture parametric design in the clothing industry. But it also takes part in lots of other industries rather inconspicuously.

Golf Clubs

They not only carry parametric design in shorter or longer shafts; but every set of irons and drivers model carry the same overall look while delivering slight variances in the head’s angle and overall face size in order…

Cancelling and call-out culture are similar but not the same. Though it could be said that calling out is part of or sometimes the first steps of cancelling culture. Calling out is basically as it denotes, making voice of actions, things, groups and/or individuals that one believes are not right, just, moral and ethical. After exposing such injustice, cancelling culture would follow by blocking the element/person from public light and denying a platform or career. …

Mateo’s Final Project Proposal — CM Studio.

Freestyle Mateo is gone, but the love for bikes remains.

Story Time

I don’t remember when my interest in bikes went from “normal” to somewhat of a bike nerd. But I do know that ever since I’m 15 I’ve never owned less than 3 bikes at any given time. Some I’d buy and sell, others were a gift, always a collectible one, and the last one was built with all the parts I had laying around. However, one thing is for sure; each one had a specific purpose.

On the other hand, the rising awareness in environmentally conscious practices has got me thinking that just riding a bicycle is not enough to…

Reaction to the articles “The Neuroscience of Conversations” by Nicklas Balboa and Richard D. Glaser, Ph.D. ( and “Understanding the Stress Response” by Harvard Health Publishing

Photo created by creativeart

The Brain

According to research, our brain is basically composed of 3 distinct main parts. The brain stem, the limbic brain, and the prefrontal cortex.

The brain stem, also known as reptilian brain, helps regulate breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and several other important basic functions. These functions, most of the time, happen at the subconscious level. Imagine having to remember every time you breathe? It’d be kind of annoying. In survival terms, the brain stem is our first line of response. It’s what gets us out of the way from oncoming traffic even before we are able to process it. …

Mateo Barroetavena

From a mess to the masses

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