By now you all know my love for bicycles. So when challenged to create a generator on Rhino, I didn’t even hesitate. The final working generator on the YouTube video embedded at the end of the post only reflects the end product, and not the many awkward steps it took me to get there. At first I drew all the lines in Rhino and linked them to line components in Grasshopper. But then I figured I could just draw the lines beginning to end in Grasshopper. Noticing the line component was asking me to select starting and end points, I went ahead and figured I could create points in Rhino rather than lines. Which in turn made me realize I could create point components in Grasshopper as well. This made the generator a bit more visual in Grasshopper since what point was which was described on the screen. I tried figuring out how to assign distance to the lines in order to generate frame sizes, but apparently I need to play with the software a bit more. I’m thinking maybe I could assign XYZ coordinates to the points to place them in the desired point in space in order to create the frames outline, but that might be too complicated.

Pursuit inspired frame created by the frame generator.
Freestyle inspired frame created by the frame generator.
Road inspired frame created by the frame generator.

From a mess to the masses